Heat pumps can be an effective and efficient source of whole-house or spot heating.  They are available in central and ductless models, and also provide air conditioning.

What is a Heat Pump?

An air-source heat pump is basically an air conditioner that works backwards in the winter to generate heat. In centrally ducted heating systems, a heat pump typically is not sufficient as a primary heat source, so would be used to supplement your gas forced air furnace.  If you plan to install or replace an air conditioner anyway, an argument can be made to use a heat pump instead, especially if you're in an area with low electricity costs in relation to your cost of gas.

Ductless air conditioner/heat  pump systems, which are installed separate from a ducted system, are becoming increasing popular with our customers to heat and cool rooms or areas of their home that aren’t served effectively by their central system. Ductless systems are highly effective in resolving these issues, and our customers are always amazed with the performance.

Is it time to update your heating?

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