Most homes and most customers are not exactly alike, so it’s only logical to us that we make furnace recommendations tailored to you and your home. While this may seem like a common sense approach, it is indeed unique.

If the tech from your current heating company comes to the door and asks, ‘Where’s the furnace,’ and then disappears until they’re done and ready to leave, please give us a call to see how Save Home Heat Company operates!  

Save Home Heat has over 35 years experience working with a broad range of standard and high efficiency forced air furnaces. We will listen carefully to your input, and provide you with ample information and options to allow you to choose the best product to fit your needs. 

Please review these tips as you consider a new or replacement furnace for your home:


Furnaces with gas efficiency ratings of up to 98% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) are now available, providing the quietest and most comfortable heating we have ever offered.  Some models also have much more efficient fan motors, with significantly lower electrical consumption.  

Save Home Heat's complete furnace line includes a broad range of quality high efficiency and moderate efficiency systems to suit any need. We understand that the most efficient furnace doesn't always make the most sense for all families. Our goal is to help you decide on the best system to meet your unique goals, one which is the right fit for your home.  

Many older furnaces that our technicians and estimators see on a daily basis are currently operating with efficiencies in the 70% to 80% AFUE range.  We also see a number of early vintage 90+ rated systems that have 'seen better days,' and it's due time to upgrade.  Whether you are currently in the market for a new furnace, or gathering information for a future purchase, make sure that you have your current furnace inspected and serviced regularly to ensure your family's safety.


Modern high efficiency furnaces often have sealed burning chambers and doors with gaskets to isolate operating noise inside the furnace.  This was not the case with many of the earlier 90-plus models.  Most modern systems also employ a two-pipe sealed combustion venting design, which additionally reduces furnace noise inside your home.  

Our most popular furnace models, two-stage and modulating furnaces, operate at reduced BTU and fan levels much of the time, further minimizing furnace noise in the mechanical area, as well as the sound of air moving through the duct system.

Lastly, many older furnaces were simply way oversized, with fans that were larger and therefore louder than necessary, pushing large volumes of air thru ducting that was designed for lower airflow. The unpleasant result of this practice was the loud 'woosh' sound often associated with older systems trying to deliver more air than the ducting could handle.  Modern sizing  practices at Save Home Heat Company has eliminated this issue.

Combine all these factors and you may end up with a significantly quieter furnace!

Is it time to update your heating?

Effectiveness and Comfort

A properly sized and installed furnace can make a huge improvement in the comfort level in your home. And while it may seem counter-intuitive, a smaller system is often what your home needs to heat better.  

An oversized furnace, providing more heat than is needed each time it turns on, produces very short, inefficient heating cycles--which leads to uncomfortable temperature swings between each call for heat.  The more appropriate, longer heating cycles produced by a properly sized furnace allows warm air to distribute more evenly around your home, while allowing the equipment to run at its optimal operating efficiency.

Along with accurately sizing your replacement furnace, proper air flow is the other key. During the installation process, we typically modify the sheet metal surrounding the furnace--the output plenum and the return air duct--to improve air movement thru the furnace and as a result, enhance heat delivery through your home's ducting system.

If your home doesn't heat evenly or comfortably, we can help!

Variable Output Levels

For nearly a century, single stage furnaces, which operate at a fixed heat output level, were the norm in residences with forced air heating.  Quality single-stage furnaces are still readily available, and they will still heat your home adequately--but the technology is quickly becoming outdated, replaced by equipment featuring two-stage or modulating output designs. These newer furnaces have been in use for years now, and many features are available in both moderate and high efficiency models.  

Two-stage and modulating furnaces can significantly improve comfort by more evenly distributing the warm air in your home, at quieter, less intrusive levels. Customers who have forced air heating often complain that parts of their homes don’t heat well, or that they freeze in certain areas and boil in others, or that temperatue swings are too noticeable!  The best replacement furnace solution to help address these concerns is a modulating furnace.  By delivering air at a reduced output level for longer periods of time, adjusting in small increments to the needs of your home, variable output equipment can  potentially eliminate, or significantly reduce these issues.

In addition, the longer, moderate heating cycles of two-stage and modulating furnaces allow your furnace filter and central humidifier more time to do a better job cleaning and humidifying your indoor air!

Environmental Impact

In this age of carbon footprint awareness, we do our best to offer you heating systems that allow you to lighten your environmental impact while still achieving superior comfort levels. Compared to furnaces that we replace on a regular basis, a new high efficiency system will burn more cleanly, reducing emissions into the atmosphere. And by using less fuel in the process, our limited gas resource is conserved.

Save Home Heat Company also actively recycles everything that can be removed from the stream of trash that ends up in landfills, from your old furnace, to the box the new one came in--to empty pop cans or scrap paper from our office, warehouse, and workshop!


Utility company and manufacturer rebates are often available on higher efficiency systems.  Visit our Rebates & Incentives page for up-to-date info.!

Energy Savings Calculator

Courtesy of Lennox Industries

If you're looking for a way to see approximately how much you're spending and how much you can save, try out the Lennox Energy Savings Calculator.

  • By toggling in the upper right corner of the calculator, you can look at either heating or cooling modes. 
  • In the middle portion of the calculator (see: *BASED ON), you can specify the state or region you live in.
  • The slide bar on the bottom half of the calculator screen allows you to dial in the efficiency of a new system that you are considering purchasing.
  • By clicking 'Customize to Your Home' at the bottom, you can program into the calculation the efficiency of your current system, as well your current unit cost for energy.

If you would like assistance using the Energy Savings Calculator, please contact our office and our staff will put you in touch with our in-house website specialist to help you navigate this helpful app.

The Save Home Heat Advantage

Save Home Heat Company has been installing and servicing forced air furnaces since 1979. Our highly skilled, friendly technicians and estimators will help guide you to the product that best fits your goals.

We'll size your new system accurately, implement upgrades to improve airflow and overall performance, and install your new system in complete accordance with local and national codes. The quote is free and we will never pressure you to ‘sign now’!

Is it time to update your heating?

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