Whether you’d like to learn more about repairs to existing electrical components or are interested in an upgrade to enhance your home, Save Home Heat Company is wired to help!

Electrical Services for your Home

Maintenance and Safety

Most of us take for granted that the electrical components in our homes will work safely and on demand. And for good reason: Home electrical systems generally were installed by professionals using quality components. For the most part, they function reliably day in and day out, especially in homes built within the past twenty or thirty years.

That being said, older homes often have outdated electrical systems that lack safety features that are standard in modern construction. Some older homes were installed using aluminum wiring, or with electric service panels that may have safety issues or obsolete designs. Outlets and switches in older homes may not have been wired and grounded properly, and often they were placed in unsafe locations. Ungrounded outlets installed next to a bathroom or kitchen sink were not uncommon. Shocking!  

Homes that may have started out wired safely, whether new or old, were sometimes ‘improved’ by weekend warriors. Most likely well-meaning and hardworking, but do you really feel comfortable that the guy ‘two homeowners ago’ might have done the electrical work when he remodeled the bathroom you now use?

Over the years, electrical codes have caught up with substandard equipment, and modern designs and construction practices now ensure a safer starting point.  But even when installed correctly, electrical components can simply become worn, obsolete, or loosen over the years. Just like your car, your sprinkler system, or your furnace or AC system, your home’s electrical system needs a little TLC every now and again—both for your safety and your convenience.

Electrical Services for your Home

Home Improvements

Even if your electrical system is without fault, you may be interested in other services that might modernize your home or provide benefits you hadn’t considered. For example, if you’ve been thinking about an electric car, but were uncertain as to how you’d charge it, a dedicated outlet can be installed conveniently to make the charging process user friendly. Or, if you have issues with ice jamming your gutters, especially for those that may live in the higher country, a heat tape system can be installed to minimize that annual battle with stalactites! And for one last plug, we can help set the mood for most any occasion with modifications to your lighting environment. Adding, relocating, enhancing – we can advise you on your lighting options and execute the solution! These are just a few examples of the electrical related improvements we can assist you with. Please see the bottom of this page for more ideas.


If a remodel is in your future, your kitchen or bathroom project will turn out better and with less regrets with the advice and skill of an experienced licensed electrician. Wouldn’t you hate to finish that dream bathroom, and then realize what it lacked? Our master electrician has a world of experience and can help you create the reality that fits your dreams and your budget. The proper outlets, switches, lighting, and electric heating can make for a better project! Combine our plumbers into that project, and we can efficiently team up to make your project run with optimal coordination and efficiency.

Schedule An Inspection!

In summary, homes new or old may have some degree of electrical safety concern, whether small or large. And while those issues typically don’t evidence themselves by flying sparks or smoke, they remain a potential accident waiting to happen. If you are interesting in learning more about your electrical system, our polite and professional team will gladly arrange an in-home assessment. This will include asking you questions, listening to your concerns, and a thorough walkthrough of your home with testing of components for safety.  We will then provide you with a written assessment including, if applicable, any suggestions to improve your safety or provide additional convenience. Any prices will be clearly provided in writing and you will be encouraged to ask questions. We will provide advice upon your request, you will not be pressured, and your requests and input will be respected. We are confident you will find the process a positive experience.

Electrical Services for your Home

So, whether you have an older home that needs some tweaks, want to learn more about modern products that might enhance your home experience and environment, or are plotting a remodel and need help lighting it up, Save Home Heat will professionally and politely help you get to the right place. Please contact us to learn more!  A partial list of our services is included below.

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

  • Smart Home Integrated Wireless Controls

  • LED Lighting Upgrades

  • Electric Car Chargers

  • Electric Radiant Heating

  • Electric Baseboard Replacement

  • Whole House Surge Protection

  • Aluminum Wire Safety Modifications

  • Hot Tub Circuits

  • Basement, Kitchen, and Bathroom Remodels

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector / Alarm Installation

  • Switches and Receptacles

  • Heat Tape for Gutters and Roofs

  • Attic and Ceiling Fans

  • Whole House Fans (quiet)

 Electrical Services for Your Home


Some Brands We Carry

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