A ductless air conditioner is a quiet, super-efficient system used to cool any part of your home. An attractive indoor unit is mounted on an interior wall and cool air is distributed quietly into the room.

A small, quiet condensing unit is located outside the house to generate the cooling. The system is controlled from an easy to use remote control, or a wall mounted thermostat can be added instead. Of all the products we install, ductless systems provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Some models will also provide heat in the winter!

Common Applications

  • In a master bedroom that's too warm
  • In an office or den that's uncomfortable due to copiers, computers and other equipment
  • In an area that receives excessive sun exposure
  • In homes with hot water heat that can't use a central AC system
  • In homes with central air conditioning where certain rooms aren't cooled effectively
  • When you want to cool certain rooms, but not the whole house
  • When central air conditioning costs more to operate than you like
  • When your basement gets too cold when you run your central air conditioner


  • They work very quickly
  • They're extremely reliable
  • They're remarkably quiet
  • They're super-efficient and cost little to operate
  • They ALWAYS solve their cooling problem

Heat Bonus

Some ductless models, called heat pumps, can also double as heaters. All the benefits described above, but for warmth in the winter as well!

The Save Home Heat Advantage

Save Home Heat Company has been installing ductless air conditioners for nearly 20 years. These products require more creativity than standard central air conditioners and our sales, installation, and service teams all have extensive experience in how to do it just right. We know you want your home to look as attractive as possible, and we have mastered the art of a low impact installation. Please call now to learn more and get a free, no obligation price quote.

It's time to cool off!

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