Central air conditioners function best when sized and installed correctly. Save Home Heat Company will ensure this is properly done, with a broad range of products to satisfy most any budget.

Please review these tips as you consider a new or replacement air conditioner for your home:


The minimum efficiency rating (higher is better) of new air conditioners is currently 13 SEER, which is much more efficient than most models installed from 1980–2006. Efficiency ratings of 20–25 SEER are now available.

Effectiveness and Comfort

A properly sized and installed air conditioner can make a huge improvement in the comfort level in your home. It doesn’t have to work poorly! And while it may seem counter-intuitive, a smaller system is often what your home needs to cool better. Proper air flow is the key. During the installation process, we typically modify the sheet metal surrounding the furnace to improve air movement through the duct system.


Old outdoor air conditioners are typically loud. We offer models that operate at greatly reduced decibel levels, which can dramatically reduce the impact on you and your neighbors.

Variable Output Levels

Air conditioners are now available with two-stage and modulating output levels. This equipment is more efficient and can significantly improve comfort levels by more evenly distributing the cold air in your home. Customers often complain that parts of their home don’t cool well, or that they freeze in certain areas and boil in others. By delivering air at a reduced output level for a longer period of time, variable output equipment can eliminate or reduce these issues.

Environmental Impact

New air conditioner systems use R-410a refrigerant, which is considered much less harmful to the atmosphere in the unlikely event of a system leak. Newer systems are also more efficient, meaning less energy is consumed and the environmental impact is reduced. The metal and copper from your old air conditioner system will be recycled.


Significant utility company and manufacturer rebates are often available on certain higher efficiency systems.

Energy Savings Calculator

Courtesy of Lennox Industries

If you're looking for a way to see approximately how much you're spending and how much you can save, try out the Lennox Energy Savings Calculator.

  • By toggling in the upper right corner of the calculator, you can look at either heating or cooling modes. 
  • In the middle portion of the calculator (see: *BASED ON), you can specify the state or region you live in.
  • The slide bar on the bottom half of the calculator screen allows you to dial in the efficiency of a new system that you are considering purchasing.
  • By clicking 'Customize to Your Home' at the bottom, you can program into the calculation the efficiency of your current system, as well your current unit cost for energy.

If you would like assistance using the Energy Savings Calculator, please contact our office and our staff will put you in touch with our in-house website specialist, from our marketing department.

The Save Home Heat Advantage

Save Home Heat Company has been installing central air conditioners for over 35 years. Our sales team will guide you to the product that best fits your goals. We'll size the system properly, construct the sheet metal surrounding your furnace for optimal air flow, and install the system to meet local and national codes. The quote is free and we will never pressure you to ‘sign now!’

It's time to cool off!

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