Cooling Products

Not every home is suited for all cooling choices, and not every homeowner has the same cooling objectives. Our expertise in central air conditioners, ductless air conditioners and evaporative coolers will help guide you to the best solution for your home. Give us a call to talk about your cooling needs.

Central air conditioners function best when sized and installed correctly. Save Home Heat Company will ensure this is properly done, with a broad range of products to satisfy most any budget.

A ductless air conditioner is a quiet, super-efficient system used to cool any part of your home. An attractive indoor unit is mounted on an interior wall and cool air is distributed quietly into the room.

An evaporative cooler is a cost effective, environmentally friendly way to cool your home. The cooler is typically mounted on your roof and a large fan blows fresh, outdoor air that has been moistened and cooled into your home. Windows or doors are opened to direct the air through the home. Moist, fresh, cool!