Standard, flow-through humidifiers are by far the most commonly installed humidification product. These products are popular for their affordability and reliability, and are healthy to use in our dry Colorado climate. For customer who need to control humidity more precisely, we also carry high performance steam humidifiers.

Standard Humidifiers

Water is evaporated across a pad in the humidifier and your furnace delivers the moistened air into your home. Because these humidifiers need the heat to be running to be most effective, a consistent humidity level is difficult to establish and maintain. Performance can be less than fully satisfactory, especially in larger homes.

Steam Humidifiers

Steam humidifiers should be considered when you want to be sure to establish a consistent humidity level in your home. Steam models boil water and use the fan in your furnace to deliver the humidity into your home. Steam systems are more costly to install, more maintenance intensive and less reliable than more basic humidifiers, but when you know you want consistent humidification, especially if your home is larger, a steam model may be your only effective choice. This type of humidifier is recommended to protect wood flooring, antique furniture and musical instruments.

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