A variety of products are available to filter the air coming back to your furnace. Upgraded filters can provide allergy relief, eliminate odors, and improve the efficiency and extend the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Air Filters

Air filters are a fabric or mesh, usually ranging from 1–5 inches thick, which remove particles from the air coming back to your furnace. The thinner filters generally cost less and need to be changed more often, while thicker, more effective filters cost more, but typically retain their effectiveness for 6 months to a year. A neglected or ineffective air filter is the most common cause of furnace failure. One of our representatives can suggest a product to meet your needs.

Air Purification

Want to eliminate cooking odors quickly? Kill germs that spread disease as soon as they enter your home? Improve the effectiveness of your existing air filter? The RGF REME+ air cleaning system will do all of these, and we are so confident of its performance we'll provide a 90-day money back guarantee if we install it for you. Working in conjunction with your standard air filter, the REME will immediately turn your home into a healthier place. Contact one of our estimators or service technicians to learn more about this valuable product.

More Filtration Products

There are a dizzying array of products available to clean the air passing through your furnace, most with a list of pros and cons. We believe the products listed above are great solutions in most cases, but would be happy to discuss and install other products if that is your preference, including electronic air cleaners, UV air treatments and HEPA filters.

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